Cover of Space Negro #03.  The series title, Space Negro the Last Negro, is at the top of the cover.   Supernova Watkins is being bitch slapped by Bruna the Quantum Bride with a glowing Mace.  This is causing him to swear in the special characters "@!#" and cartoonishly spinning away from Bruna, who is smiling in the background. The Title of the story, "Beat Down by Bruna the Quantum Bride" is overlaying the scene.

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Beat Down by Bruna the Quantum Bride

 Space Negro #03 - Beat Down by Bruna the Quantum Bride is a team-up of monumental proportions.  Supernova Watkins joins forces with the powerful PRINCESS BRUNA in a quest to save The Universe! Has the last black man in existence finally caught a break or is this just the calm before the storm?

Space Negro #03 Release Date: May 29th, 2024

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Created by

  • (writer, artist) Jared Sams
  • (colorists)Daniel Morales, Mohammed Agbadi