RRH #1 Metal Cover

RRH #1 Metal Cover

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(W) Orlando Harding
(A/CA) Andres Esparza, Ulises Curiel

All limited edition metal cover comics are an actual comic with an actual metal cover!  With a full-color aluminum metal cover attached to the comic, these limited, collectible editions of some of 1First Comics' most popular titles can now be yours in all of their full metal glory!

Please note that while the cover is high grade aluminum, the rest of the comic is still paper, so we don't recommend actually reading these!

All of these are numbered, but we cannot guarantee or honor any requests for a specific number.    
Numbers Assigned: 1 Through 20
Sydney is dreamily juggling her study time and high school socials - until it all comes apart! As it would if you found out you're directly descended from Red Riding Hood, the wolves are trying to end mankind, and your family's all that's preventing our extinction! And you thought the SATs were going to be hard!