Cover of the reprint of Space Negro #01.  Supernova Watkins is Blasting at high speeds through space.  The Title Space Negro The Last Negro is displayed underneath him.

Space Negro #01 Reprint

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The Last Negro

Space Negro #01 Reprint

Well would you look at that! Space Negro The Last Negro #01 had to go back to the printers for more.  Thank you Everyone for the support.  If you weren't able to get a copy yet, you can now.  Also, as they say (I've always wanted to say this):

While supplies last!

A million years in the future and a bruthah still can't catch a break!  With issue #01 of Space Negro, Supernova Watkins, finds himself in a situation that would be hard on anyone. 

He is alone in the universe. All his friends and family have gone the way of the dodo. He has no support and most hair care product!  SPACE NEGRO - THE LAST NEGRO is a biting and subversive take on modern race relations as could only be told by writer/artist JARED SAMS! 

Created by

  • (writer, artist) Jared Sams
  • (colorists)Daniel Morales, Mohammed Agbadi