Convention Bags

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Were you at a Comicon at the same time as us and found out a little too late about the cool Swag we were selling?  Only to find it all sold out or you did you just get carried away buying all our cool books?  Well then, have I got the opportunity for you.  

Now available for purchase: 1First Comics Convention Bags

All con bags are water-resistant and come with two arm straps for ease of wearing.  The bags also have buttons up top to allow the opening to be secured. Plus, they come in four different styles.

SPACE NEGRO: A million years in the future and a brutha still can't catch a break... but you can!   With this large convention-style bag, you can carry all of your con swag and more!  Comics?  Check.  Statues?  Check.  Posters?  Check.  Hair care product?  Check!
(You'll have to pick up SPACE NEGRO #1 to get that last reference... but trust us, it's worth it!)

GOOBLE GOBBLE:  Jim Kowalski may have a hard time transporting all of his stuff from one place to another, but why should his problems be yours?  With this gorgeously illustrated convention-style bag, you can haul all of your cool con swag without any bother at all*!
* This bag is not guaranteed to protect the wearer against ninjas, elder gods, denizens of the netherworld, and/or crazed cyborg monkeys.  Use against the forces of evil at your own risk.

LOVE TOWN: Love Town is a place of magic, chaos, wonder, and horror - much like any self-respecting comic con should be!  So why wade through any con alone?  With Captain Hiram "Subs" Moore, Detective Allie Saxon, and the rest of the Love Town PD watching your back, navigating any comic convention should be a breeze!

RRH/NIGHT STALKER:  Killing werewolves and hunting demons is tough work... almost as tough as carrying all of your con swag around the convention hall!  But with this awesome diptych convention-style bag of RRH and Night Stalker, carrying all of your stuff will be a breeze!   
Bag Models: John and Matt Yuan